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.22 or shotgun?

Discussion in 'Ohio Small Game Hunting' started by ya13ya03, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. What's everybody using tomorrow. I still am unsure. I'm thinking .22 but I always use the shotgun this early. It looks like the weathers gonna hold off for tomorrow up here in the northeast. I also have a ruger mkii .22 pistol I'd like to shoot one with maybe I'll take it and the shotgun. That's legal right?
  2. .22 marlin,3x9x32. all i use,, hate spittin shot. :tsk:

  3. 22 marlin 3x9x32. hate spittin shot. 1 weapon at a time, carryin 2 is a no-no. :tsk: if you have a ccl you can pack, just not use it to take game..
  4. I tend to use a shotgun early on. Too many leaves in both the trees and the understory around here. Plus there is an added advantage. I can leave the house and load up with #8 shot and shoot doves on my half mile walk through the fields to get to the woods. Then swap out for some #5 or #6 shot and off to find some bushy tails. :D

    Never minded the shot in the meat all that much. Guess I'm used to hunting rabbits that way so it always seems ok to me. Once the leaves are down though, I'll switch to the rifle.
  5. Im about the same i use shotgun when leaves are on then like to switch to a .22 when trees are bare. I got a sweet shooting .22 mag that i love shooting but dont really need it. I probably take a shotgun more because of houses being close to some of the spots i hunt and later in season im hunting rabbit
    along with squirrel.
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  6. Ithaca 28 is what I use.

  7. Shotgun early on, 410 single shot I learned to hunt with, many, many, years ago.
  8. I just picked up a Ruger Mk III 22/45 .22 pistol with some CCI subsonic hollowpoints.

    It all sounds good, but I probably won't be able to hit squat. That's ok though, just being in the woods is worth it!
  9. 410 for the boy an I mite take the 22lr but heck we mite just share a gun

  10. Can't bring myself to hunt squirrel with a shotgun so I'll take a .22 if I go. Sometimes I'll take my old single shot because I prefer to use short hollow points.
  11. I am going with a friend he's got the shotgun I got my grandpas old 22 Winchester single shot .

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  12. I've used a 9422XTR Winchester, a ML, 12 gauge Ithaca M37, 28 gauge Ithaca, Bear Bow, pretty much everything except a knife. I'm not very good throwing a knife.

  13. 45colt/410 T/C contender 10" barrel with vent rib. Take the choke tube out an bring some 45 colt ammo in the event a coyote wanders by.
  14. got the wire a savage 64 22lr and got me a ruger 10/22 to use for squirel
  15. I believe I'll take Lil Darlin out in the morning. She's a .22 LR. I'll load her up with some subsonic ammo and will be good to go. I haven't used a shotgun in years. So many years that I can't remember... I'll bet 30 plus. Anyway whatever y'all use, Good luck to ya and post what ya bagged to let us know how opening day went for ya.... :D
  16. Well it looks like it will be my trusty marlin 60 .22. I thought about it all day and I never shot one with a shotgun that I couldn't shoot with my 22. Seems like allot of people are going out tomorrow and I hope everyone has a good day. Will post photos of how we do. My lil boy is so excited. He's been talking all week about everything from last season. We had a good one last year. Had deer walk right past us a couple times. One time we were in one of our hot spots and was watching this huge red oak and a bald eagle flew in and landed in the tree. It was only 30 yards away and my boy was amazed at the size of it. Another time we were walking back and heard the squirrel in distress call and I thought maybe it was another hunter. So we krept back cause know one else is supposed to hunt it (private). Got back there and a group of hawks were fighting over this big fox squirrel. They were going form tree to tree. It was a great lesson for my boy cause we do the leafy branch with the distress call sometimes. That day he learned what we were trying to do. He always does the branch flapping while I do the call. We got alott last year like that early. Can't wait to see what's in store this year.
  17. I smashed my trigger finger at work with a sledgehammer today so ill just be helping my boy get his first one or 6 who knows but .410 it will be not sure if #4 or #6 yet though Wht do u think??

  18. Ouch!!!