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Here we go! There will be some minor rule changes this year so please read all the way through this and any questions ASK!
1. Only Ohio birds harvested in the spring 2021 season are eligible
2. Only one bird will count, if you harvest a larger bird later you can upgrade your score
3. Any legal weapon as outlined in the Ohio turkey regulations may be used
4. Scoring
Beard length to the nearest quarter inch. Measured from where it attaches to the skin to the end of the longest hair. Multiple beards will count.
Spur length to the nearest quarter inch. Multiple spurs count..
Weight New this year, need a picture of the scale with the bird attached. Can be a dial or digital scale.
5. Pictures ( posted in the scoring thread)
You and the bird
Beard showing measurement
Spurs Each spur showing measurement
Weight Need picture of the bird and the scale with the weight visible.

6. Youth Bonus
Youth bonus will be worth two points. Only one bonus per hunter. To receive the bonus points you need to take a youth (17 and under) turkey hunting during the 2021 youth or regular turkey season. You do not need to harvest a turkey, but you must write up a short story about your hunt and include a picture of you and your youth hunter in the youth hunt thread.
7. Entries must be received by June 3rd 2021.
8. Tiebreaker If we have a tie, team with the largest extra bird wins. If there are no extra birds entered the team with the first harvest wins.
9. If there are any questions or challenges to an entry, they must be made within 7 days of the entry and will be made to me via private message
10. Teams will be made up of three members, returning champions will remain as a team, all others will be assigned by random draw.
11. There will be a few random bonus points assigned, much like the deer contest.
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