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Featured 2018 Turkey Hunting Contest sign ups

Discussion in '2018 Team Turkey Contest' started by Schu72, Mar 5, 2018.

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  1. Schu72

    Schu72 Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Ok crew, let's get this thing rolling. I will get the official rules posted soon. They should be fairly similar to last year's. Any changes will be announced prior to assigning teams. Good luck to all and as a reminder, PLEASE ONLY SIGN UP IF YOU ARE GOING TO PARTICIPATE!

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  2. Bryan six

    Bryan six Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    I'm in and I will participate lol!!!
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  3. Sign me up. I'll play again.
  4. If someone is willing to take me out and take me under their wing, teach me something new, I'd be willing to participate. I'd be a complete rookie, but I do have all the tools along with the will power. Never hunted turkeys before and I really don't have them in my immediate area, most likely due the coyotes. Thought I'd throw it out there if anyone is willing to teach an old dog a new trick....
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  5. Bawana

    Bawana Staff Member Mod

  6. Would it be cheating if I got a Tom that has a beard so long,3 jakes follow behind him, carrying his beard? If not I’m in!
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  7. miketruax

    miketruax Staff Member Super Mod

    Put me in if there's room
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  8. Put me in captain

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  9. Count me in this year!
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