2018 Ohio Spring Turkey Season Day 25

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  1. Day 25 – 05/17

    For the 1st time this season, I slept until the alarm went off. I’m usually up by 04:30 at the latest. Just 4 weeks ago, I was thinking: “AW MAN!!!! 3 DAYS & A WAKEUP!!!!” Today I’m thinking: “aw man….3 days before I get to sleep in….”

    It was 55, with starry, clear skies, & calm at 05:28 this morning. I did a little calling at 07:00 since there had been no roost gobbles, & got no response. I called sparingly every 30 minutes or so all morning with nothing calling back.

    At 09:30, I walked to the edge & spotted a bird about 200 yards from me hauling buttocks to the woods. I think it was a hen based on the way it ran, low to the ground & really pickin’ em up & puttin’ em down.

    At 10:42, I spotted another coyote trotting along the edge heading west. It got to where I had set-up yesterday & stood this morning, made an abrupt u-turn & went back the way it had come. I believe it smelled my scent & decided it wanted nothing to do with me.

    By 12:00, I was bored almost to tears & decided to head home. It’s 1 thing to sit with the possibility/anticipation of some action & a whole nuther when you don't expect anything to happen. I have sat until 05:00 P.M. before but that’s when I knew there were birds around. As the Irish side of my family would say: “O’well.”

    The plan for tomorrow is to go to my 2ndry woods &, at some point, take down the blind as it will be the last sit at that spot. Then Sat. & Sun. sit in my primary spot & take down the blind sometime Sun. as it is the last day of the Ohio Season.
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  2. Keep at it! I'd love to bag a bird this weekend. I believe I'll make it a point to go Sunday. Vacation day gills tomorrow though....good luck. Many good things happen at the end of the season it seems.....