2018 Ohio Spring Turkey Season Day 18 - 19

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  1. Day 18 – 05/10

    Sometime around 01:45 this morning, a couple of storms blew through. The 1st put on a real light show making it seem like mid day with some very loud thunder boomers included. There was about a 5 minute span of calm before the 2nd storm rolled through which was not nearly as impressive as the 1st. It was All Quiet on the Chatfield Front at about 02:30.

    As I pulled into the driveway where I was going to hunt, a coon almost went to the Great CS Cap Haberdashery in the Sky. It was 05:30, overcast, and 63, wet, slightly breezy, & wet. At 05:42, an owl to the north of me started hooting with single whoooooooooooos. No response from owls or turkeys. I did a few tree calls & a flydown at 06:07 with no response.

    I spent the morning calling every 30 minutes or so & watching the squirrels. By 12:30, I decided that I had had all the fun 1 man can legally have & decided to call it a day. It had turned into a beautiful day with a temp of 73 but I was totally bored & frustrated & decided to head to town for groceries & a couple of errands. There’s always tomorrow.

    Day 19 – 05/11

    At 05:32, it was 48, overcast, & breezy. At 06:48, it sprinkled for about 10 minutes. I have tried several different calling efforts this week, tree calls, flydown cackles, quiet yelps & purrs, cackles, cutts, aggressively, & quietly & nothing has worked. At 07:00, I sent out my 1st calls, soft yelps with no response. I used this approach all morning every 46-60 minutes with no re4sponse of any type. It started to sprinkle again for about 10 minutes at 08:50. From 09:33 until 10:38, it rained pretty steadily.

    I spent the morning watching all the various birds ranging from wrens & finches up to starlings but none of the all important turkeys. I did some a couple of species that I didn’t recognize & had to look up in my Field Guide as some sort of thrush & a Rose Beaked Grosbeak which I don’t think I have ever seen before.

    I had been sharing lunch with a squirrel, me ham & cheese, the bushy beechnuts, at 11:00 but today I had to eat my lunch all by myself 'cause the squirrel was already gone. At 11:32, it started sprinkling again for about 20 minutes.

    I was cold & damp with my hands feeling like ice cubes. I was not really enjoying sitting for 7 hours & not hearing even a single yelp let alone a gobble. So, at 12:30, I headed in with a stronger breeze & the temp up to a whopping 52. It looks like t-storms all day tomorrow so I doubt that I go out. Besides, over the last 19 days, I have only missed hunting 3 days & 2 of those were 8 hour driving days & I need a day of rest.

    I had planned on mowing this evening but, with all the rain this morning, I figured it would be too wet. I hunt about 5 miles from the house but the yard is completely dry so I may get mowed today after all.
  2. Hope you get one!
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  3. Sometimes Turkeys will come in cause they are really pissed. They want to get at that turkey that keeps gobbling at him. Hope ya get one.

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