2018 DOW Proposed Changes to Ohio Administrative Code (OAC)

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    Bobcat trapping season! Kind of cool for you trappers!

  2. Bobcat season very cool! Also like how they are proposing to structure it with it closing after so many have been harvested. Alot of good stuff in the works!
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  3. I don’t understand why bobcat harvest by trapping only has being proposed. A lot of houndsmen in the state have been waiting for a bobcat season.
  4. One step at a time. I would believe that if they permitted hounds to run them the season would be over extremely soon.
  5. On the bobcat season, there was quite a bit of discussion at the meeting. What you are seeing here is only the proposed language, there is no context. There were representatives from Ohio State Trappers Association there (board members), so they heard the proposal and discussion. I'm sure there will be some talk.

    As this is a brand new season, there is a lot of data gathering with this. Houndsmen were brought up by a councilman and they know it's a desire. But for the first season: trapping only. "Rifle" and hounds may come later, with more data.

    Once again, a lot of science (by professionals) behind these proposals. DOW didn't decide in the breakroom, "Let's float a bobcat proposal and some new public land regulations for the Council"

    I'm a bit lucky, as the meetings are held about a mile from my house - but there no place around here to hunt :)
  6. Now i have a question and yes this is a question and not an argument.

    1501:31-15-09 Hunting and trapping regulations for furbearing animals

    It is proposed that this rule be amended to add bobcat to the list of furbearing animals that may not be shot unless caught in a trap or snare. Additionally, the following regulations for trapping bobcat are proposed:

     The person must possess a valid bobcat trapping permit

     The bag limit is one bobcat per license year

     The bobcat must be game checked by 11:30 pm on the date of harvest

    Within five days following harvest the bobcat must be delivered to a Division of Wildlife representative for inspection, mandatory tagging and the carcass must be surrendered

    Does this mean that ODNR must surrender the animal back to the trapper or the trapper is surrendering it to ODNR to do whatever with?
  7. Thanks for the information. I plan on being at the next WC meeting to hear any further disscusion.
  8. A carcass is different from the pelt/fur. A trapper will need a CITES tag to legally posses or sell the fur. No carcass - no CITES tag.

    The carcass will go to Ohio University for data collection, study, and analysis. Again there is a ton of "science" behind this. DOW knows from DNA analysis of roadkill bobcats and others from specific cases, there are two distinct population sources. You can see that with Zone B and C.
  9. The General Public cannot comment at the OWC meetings (maybe under some circumstances). You may contact the members and might even know where one can be found...

    The BEST place to have discussions is the March 3rd Open houses. I'd call DOW and see where the biologists that are looking at the season are going to be. Right now there isn't currently a "Furbearers" biologist, then are interviewing for the position next week.

    Open houses are places for these discussions, usually lightly attended. In fact several years ago, three people attended the D1 Open House - I was one of the three. I got to chat with the Chief of the DOW and other employees at length. I had great conversations and a great time. But again, my drive time is 5 minutes.
  10. Gotcha. Never heard of that CITES tag. Is this not required for other animals like coon and fox? Glad they are doing something so they get out of control like coyotes.
  11. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

    Bobcat will and River Otter has requirements because they may be endangered species elsewhere. It's a big deal, not just local, state, Federal, but International.
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  12. The posting for the biologist has the location being at Delaware, Olentangy Research Station, so maybe D2 or D1. I would hope they come down to D4 as that is the most of the proposed zone and usually the best attended.