2018 Coyote Contest bs thread

Discussion in '2018 OS.com Coyote hunting contest' started by bilman63, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Now we can chat without filling the sign up thread.
  2. B6 get to moving everything over here! work that mod mojo!!
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  3. Bryan six

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    You guys have too much faith in my time lol!! Already getting flack for the last week!! Been a busy one ending the deer contest been on here to much lately!! Swmbo is gonna kill me soon!!! But I am going hunting this week trying to plan it tomorrow!!
  4. If you are wanting to sign up, go to the sign up thread. This is just a thread we can chat in.
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  5. Never mind, I see you've already been there. My bad!!!
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  6. im just trying to figure out why B6 deleted my comments in the sign up thread about there will be blood and yours was allowed to stay!!! #favoritism #mooch #bullcrap #pink panther #justjokingdontcare #nooffenceb6-billman.
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  7. No worries!
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  8. Maybe all of team 13 should sign up... then again we wouldn't want to run away with another contest. All the winning is getting awfully tiresome...
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  9. Get ya some...
  10. I didn't know they had high fence coyote farms!!??? bwahahaha. ::stirpot:::cheeky-sm:mischeif::lol::yikes::yeahthat:
  11. Blahahhahaha...... I saw on face book you were photoshopping pics of yourself with my coyotes....... lmao........ woot woot..
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  12. 1FD110E9-6A3D-45A6-AC7F-39F4050601F5.jpeg For all you northerners..... This is not a coyote...
  13. 100% coydog right there!
  14. That was the rumor with you last year when R.Tokers dog came up missing. Heck we weren't even sure what ya looked like cause one pic showed a dude with black hair and 8month beard and the other he was bald with no beard and then back to the black hair and beard again! I even think one pic was a chick with a mustache!
  15. I haven't seen crap for yotes or tracks forever......anywhere! I saw deer tracks today though haha....
  16. Not sure if a should say bahahahahahha or heheheh gigggles ? I’m confused... lmao
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  17. Just say u da man ohi!!
  18. . CNN does weird things to people.... lmao
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  19. Perhaps the smartest and most sly of the 'North America' wild species one could possibly take on to hunt.

    Accept the challenge!
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