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2017 youth bonus scoring thread

Discussion in '2017 Team Turkey contest' started by miketruax, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. miketruax

    miketruax Staff Member Super Mod

    please post your youth bonus here, please include team name, and a picture of you with your hunter. Also include a short story of the hunt
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  2. IMG_3650.JPG Team 9 Feather Busters
    My daughter and I are back at this evening setup by the roost area. This morning we heard several gobbling on the neighbors property then boom. Not the best day to be out but better than the couch.

  3. Team 9 Feather Busters 14 yr old Noble and I looking for a gobbler

    Probably one of the most exciting hunts I have been on,and yes I got to share it with 2 youth hunters. I got to this woods about 9:30 this morning.This was our 2nd woods of the day to try.On our walk in we seen a hen and my 9th deer for the weekend.We found a spot to sit behind some tree tops, this woods was just logged last winter. I called off and on for about 1/2 an hour and got no response.While sitting there in between calling a gobbler sounded off.I could tell he wasn't very close,but I answered him.I waited heard nothing 10 minutes later I called again.Now he is a bit closer,and I know he is on the other side of the road,so we may have to take some time with this one.I can tell he is an older tom by the sound of his voice.Deep Gargle gobble,nothing high pitch in this one.I wait for a while,do I call or don't I that is the question of the day.I choose not to and bam he is less then 60 yards,we just can't see him.I purr and putt,and still nothing.45 minutes and still nothing.I promised a farmer I could help him around noon,so we need to get going.We walk out back to the truck jump 2 more deer.Get in the truck and head up the road Noble says right there is a turkey in the field across the road.Yep sure enough running away from where we were.

    Noble 2017 youth turkey.jpg
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  4. Team #1
    Took my 7 year old son out on Sunday and he connected on this great 3yo bird. Shot with a 20ga @ 30 yards. Had so many birds come in that he couldn't get a clean shot for almost 10min!! Did a wonder full job waiting till he cleared the other birds. This farm is loaded with jakes! This is his first harvest of a animal. It is a 22# bird with 10" beard and almost 1" sharp spurs. Harvested in Perry County Ohio. ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1493004349.233062.jpg
  5. Got to take my boy Reed out for his first hunt ever. Didnt hear any gobbles before flydown. We did call in an owl with the hoot tube. Apparently his hoots were the trick to fire the toms up. After hearing a gobble about 300 yds away, I yelped and cut loud. A few minutes later we were hiding behind a bush and watched 2 big strutters spit and drum at 20 yds. I cut at em and got a good double gobble from both. Drew back and let one fly.

    Coolest experience Ive ever had hunting and my boy is hooked!!! Looked at texts I was sending my wife (pictures of my kid in face paint ) from first gobble to putting hands on a dead bird was 4 minutes. Couldnt ask for a better first hunt for a hyper 2 year old![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  6. My daughter Kalyn and I put a stalk on this bird after a few hunts that he just wouldn't commit but we caught him next to a creek and he will be smoked sunday afternoon. Team 10 leftover turkey IMG_8172.JPG
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  7. Team #4. Perfect Mothers Day gift? Let the wife sleep in and have peace and quiet in the house. Perfect time to take both kids hunting. We had a great time. Had 2 birds gobbling from 5:50 until about 8:00 but they were on the other side of the river and wouldn't cross. They lasted until about 9 and then it was time to grab coffee and donuts for Mom!

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  8. Bankfish
    Team 10 Leftover turkeys
    Before I shot my second turkey on mother's day, me and my 4yr old granddaughter went on her first hunt. We have a couple of ground blinds up at different spots, the closest being about a half mile walk. I decided that would be our best bet. We made it in and set up a few decoys around 3:30 in the afternoon. With her blond hair we decided she needed face camo. I started bur she had to finish. Lol[​IMG]
    I took a easy to use type friction call she could use. As she called I did my best to clean things up with my mouth call. Lol. 15 min. in she informed me that there were no more turkey around. 30min she was tired.[​IMG]
    We made till about 5 with no turkey sightings, packed things up and made the walk out. Which she did packin that blue slushy. [​IMG]
    And she kept asking why are we in a tent. Lol.
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  9. My little one can't go five minutes without saying, " when is a turkey going to walk up here"!! I wish I knew the answer is what I always say back!!! Lol hope she gets a little more patience in the future, she is only four right now so I have hopes!!!
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