2017 Ohio Deer Chronicles – 6

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  1. Day 6

    It was 28, calm, & clear at 07:00 when I got to my stand. I fired up my Buddy right away. It has 2 settings, low & high. Yesterday, I left it on low but bumped it up to high about 07:15. I didn’t have time to see how warm it would get. An owl greeted me from the west & talked to me for about 10 minutes. At 07:25, a doe showed up heading into the west woods. I have no idea where she came from, she just magically appeared. At 07:30, 2 does came out of the SE corner of the west woods. They wandered a bit, kept looking back into the woods & then headed straight towards me turning to angle across in front of me at about 35 yards. The lead doe stopped broad side &, at 07:35, did the “jump-kick” at the shot. This is usually a good sign but she ran into the woods hell bent for leather!! My 1st thought: “OH CRAP!! (or something like that) Another tracking job!!” 10 more deer came flying out of the woods, at least 2 bucks, milled around in the field. They were still there when I walked along the edge of the woods & found her lying just inside the woods.

    To quote Dandy Don: ‘TURN OUT THE LIGHTS, THE PARTIES OVER!!!!” Now I can start looking forwards to spring turkey season (not that I ever stopped.)

    The bottom of the 1st pic is the edge of the field.

    02.JPG 03.JPG
  2. Congratulations again!!!! Nice way to end your deer season! :)
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  3. Thx. I love those quick hunts some times, even more so when I don't have to track all over h*** & back, especially when the temp is below freezing.
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