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2002 bow kill

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by johnc21, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. [​IMG]

    Here is the buck I shot this year. I killed him in Athens Co. on the 19th of Nov. I think that was about the peak of the rut on the farm that I hunt. I seen 9 bucks on the 16th! I have some good video of 2 eight pointers gettin ready to scrap. When do you guys think the rut peaked?
    Good luck with the smoke poles and keep us posted.

  2. real nice buck john.i use to live east of shade for a while and always enjoyed hunting that area.congrats again!!!

  3. Nice deer! Athens Co. is a good one to hunt in. I grow up around the Plains. My parents still live up there. There were lots of deer back then & I think there are more deer now. Congrats:)
  4. AWSOME buck!!! Congrats on a getting a real beauty for sure!!:D
  5. That's some good stuff there johnc21 !!! Sounds like you knew you had a big boy in your area to just be able to watch several others walk through. I too have done the same thing, only with no success and just regrets on passed shots. GREAT JOB and happy new year to you !!

  6. Great Buck!! Congrats!! It will look nice mounted on the wall!!;)
  7. That's a great deer. I would say you got the rut right about on time. I saw two big deer two weeks before gun season started chasing does, and thats about the dates you mentioned.
  8. Great buck JC!!!!
  9. NICE BUCK!!!! I hunt Portage co. and I think the peak rut there was around Nov.3rd.... It was around a week earlier then last year
  10. Looks to be an 8, is that right?