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200 members already!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Steve, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    Pheew! Sometime tonight or early tomorrow we will reach the 200 member point. I told myself I would be satisfied if we got 200 in the first month and we have only been open a week!

    What a tremendous response. If you like the site tell your friends. Send them a thread or two from our forums or invite them via the recommend us feature in the left hand menu. The more the merrier!
  2. Build a great site and they will come.;)

  3. 400 by new years eve steve?:confused: :D
  4. I was shocked when I got here that there was less than 20 members! YAHOO@!!!!! MANY MORE WILL COME!! Glenn
  5. 211 when I last checked. 10 a day would be nice.
  6. Just signed up today, was a "normal" at "the bowsite", I'd say you can expect most of those guys from "Ohio" to be in and out of here from now on. I'd say there is 10-15 guys over there that post daily and 30-50 total that you see from time to time.

    I'd suggest you look at the sight and consider some of the features they have. Over-all it's a good sight, but the "politics" of the sight has gone a bit too far. I guess it's the "PC" (politically correct) thing that has taken over. My meaning is this, if your hunting with a "bunch of buddies", do you only talk about hunting? Nope, you talk about just about anything under the sun, and fellow hunters are gonna talk about their Chevies, Fords, Brittany Spears, George Bush, and even lampshades, you gotta just let them talk (post). As long as one keeps it clean, I'd say that we should be aloud to discuss should consider making a:
    "You Can talk about me, you can talk about my wife, you can talk about my dog, or even my mother, but you can't talk about my truck" Heading and let us post "political views", a place to ask questions about fixing stuff, etc.
    Hunting is a form of a "brotherhood"...most hunters would like to ask other hunters about other stuff outside of the "hunting realm". It's a trust thing.

    Can I put my feet up?

  7. How do you post a picture under your name?

  8. thunderflight

    i'm no expert,but i'll try to help.go to your profile(user cp)click on edit options,then click on change on browse and pick a pic from you puter open,then click yes above your avatar box and then click submit.the max. size,i think is 100x100.i hope i got that right good luck.
  9. Steve,
    I didn`t realize that this site was that young. :rolleyes: I guess that the right way to put it. I`m sure that the number members on this site will grow rapidly. There are alot of us that would rather hunt or fish than anything, and the next best thing is talking about it. Your fourm gives us the chance to talk to people and get to know them, at least to some degree, but the best part of it all is that there are alot of the people that use this site that are close enough together that we will all be able to meet the new friends we make here. Great job Steve, and thanks for all your time and effort your putting into this site.
  10. Looks like we have averaged appx 10 a day since we got 200 members....Tell everybody you know, and place the link to this site on the other forums you visit.
  11. This site is what I needed!!!!

    For a couple years now ive been searching for a site that lets me talk and compare ohio hunting...I want to thank all of you that put this site together!! Ive told all my buddies about it and hopefully they will tell there buddies and so on....Thx again:D

    Ps. Im hoping that after the season, alot of you will still check in here! Alot of other sites die down after season closes
  12. Flathunter got me to join through GFO....Thanks flathunter.:D :D
  13. Steve

    How many members do you have now?:cool:
  14. It looks like all the reg. guys in all the sites made it here too. Just have them post this site over there also.;)
  15. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    Yeah, you guys post it. If I do, I get in trouble :)

    For those of you who asked, it took us almost 4 months to get this many members at This site is a rocket. Stick around, good things will happen here.
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