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Okay guys. I have 2 crossbows Im going to get rid of. Im going to get a compound with the money. These are what I have and they are from this past fall so they are like new. A Horton Yukon XL 150lb draw with arrows, quiver and I have a Simmons scope and the scopmounds for it. I also have a Horton Legend SL 175 lb draw (or 165 depending where you see specs) I have a Simmons camo zoomable scope, arrows, quiver, a camo sling. They both have the dial a range feature and I can show you the Legend as it sits is in the yellow every shot at 40 yards. The Yukon does not have the scope on at this time but I can put it on for you or give it to you to take home. I am asking 600 for both and I would guess I have that much wrapped up in the Legend alone. Drop me a line on here, pm me or email me at [email protected] I want to get rid of these asap. Oh you can also take the EZ puller with you I havent even opened the box. If there are any other xbow related things I can find you are more than welcome to them. :) Thanks for lookin

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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