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This morning I finally got my first turkey ever. Just as I was getting to my spot I heard a gobble. I set out my hen and two jake decoys in a cut field as quick as I could since it was getting light. I then got back into some cover about 20 yards away. Eventually I heard two gobbling and some hens clucking. I gave some clucks and yelps and then tried to mimick whatever the hens were doing. I also threw in a purr or two for good measure. I thought perhaps I was overdoing it, so I decided to be quiet for a few minutes. I could here the hen clucks and yelps getting closer. Finally I saw a head bobbing my way, then another, then another, then I saw the fan on one of them. He was strutting headed towards the decoys with the other 7 or so others. I thought to myself, wow it is finally going to happen. At that point I only concentrated on the one. There may have been a bigger one but I didn't care, I just wanted my first. At about 30 yards, I had a good shot and squeezed the trigger. It went down and stayed down. The other birds eventually scattered. One last item on my bucket list!
Thank you BernDog for the advice on being patient.


1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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