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1st to check in 1st to tag out

Discussion in '2017 Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by ohihunter2014, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. Ohi here. Well I hope its a great season for all of us. I pretty much suck at hunting but ill be busting my butt (2-3days a week) until the last day of season until I kill something. I look forward to being on the team with you guys and sharing our war stories. :). Looking forward to taking a deer with my compound for the first time this year and making my new 45-70 bark end of November.

    Be safe, shoot straight, wear your harness and remember-Have fun!!
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  2. Oh and whatever you guys decide on a team name it good with. I'm just hear for comradery. maybe gonnakicksomebutbetterwhatchoutgonnagetawhitetailbeatdown!

  3. Sqack killer here, listen to Ohi, be safe, shoot straight, wear your harness, have fun, and yes he sucks hunting! Lol All kidding aside, lets have fun, be safe, and keep each other up to date on how your season is going!
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  4. I'm here, not sure on a team name because everything I think of probably won't fly I'm in northern Ohio but I'll be hunting all over, private and public that's better than most private! I usually don't get bucks on cam until mid October. Anyone have a nice buck you're after?
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  5. Damn! Thanks for the support buddy! lol
  6. I have something with a big body and what looks like a nice rack but he won't show his face or full rack. 4 pics on different days of just a body and little pieces of horn here and there.
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  7. :D:D
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  8. Well scouted a new farm today to find 2 ladder stands within 50yards of each other and salt blocks in front of them and also found a camera. I threw a
    Camera up from a bedding area coming into a field so we shall see.
  9. Checking in! Don't care much on what team name should be! I'll get out occasionally during bow this early and then a good bit during rut. Might be a little more difficult for me to get youth points than it was in years past! Can't wait to hear all of your stories!
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  10. Checking in. Ill be hunting in Tuscarawas county. I have one buck on cam that is ok, the rest are young and small. Ill be trying to get my daughter a deer this year early so that will be interesting. Good luck.
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  11. Team two is checked in!!
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  12. Anyone have an idea on a team name?

    rutmasters, bucksintrucks, ohihunteresdreamteam, ohihuntersthebesthunterinthestate,
    bagntagem, common guys you gotta help me out a little bit. Lol. As you can see above i have a complex! Lol.
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  13. So ill kick off some details. I have several different private properties to hunt but i also have company on them so its pretty much public land but closer to home, Lol. I had my eye on an absolute beast last year and passed 1 or 2 120'' bucks and a couple doe cause i just kept thinking about crooked horns and he never showed up on 2 cameras the rest of the year so feeling like crap and a complete failure my buddy let me hunt his farm and i blasted a nice 8pt with one broken tine with a muzzleloader.

    This year i was advised that my other buddy who i hunted with wasn't hunting so everything was a down hill spiral. slips didn't get signed until late august so cameras didn't go up until a few weeks ago, stands not hung, etc. but everything is in order now and I'm looking forward to the season. I'm going this evening or Thursday to put up one more camera and do a little more scouting on a new farm and i probably wont hunt it until mid October. Once the beans come down (no way in without walking through them) I'm throwing another camera up where I've seen deer all summer while shooting woodchucks.
  14. How bout oopsmybuckfellthroughthebedcausemytrucksrustedout. Sorry man,couldn't
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  15. That could be true cause there are two Chevy owners on the team I know of.
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  16. All in fun my friend!!!:rolleyes:
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  17. Now Medicsnoke has me doing it???

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  18. If anyone is interested, I started a page on facebook for Buy, Sell, Trade and some Raffles.

    Its called Ole Boy Outdoors
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