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1/8/18 - Photographs Not appearing...

Discussion in 'Forum - Website Problems' started by Wildlife, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Not sure if system admins are aware that there is a current issue viewing uploaded photographs today in threads and media forum. System resources running low or possible hardware issue perhaps. Thought I'd pass it on so maybe someone can nip it in the butt before it gets worse.

    Good luck!
  2. My guess is Steve working on the old pic loading problems!! He has been trying to figure it out for a couple days now!! Since we had that issue with my turkey pic the other day!! Probably just has it slowed down while fixing issues or something!!
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  3. If he's running any kind of queries against the prod-database, that'll most likely cause the issue. Thanks B6!
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  4. So, will any of the previous photographs return to normal status, to be viewed again at all? Or is the issue still being worked on? It would be a shame to loose all those wonderful photographs collected over the years and I hope they can be recovered. Please let us know, thanks!
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  5. Turn on TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2 in Advanced settings and try connecting to again. If this error persists, it is possible that this site uses an unsupported protocol or cipher suite such as RC4 (link for the details), which is not considered secure. Please contact your site administrator.

    this is what my computer tells me when i try to open a picture i cant view?????
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  6. I appreciate it, however it doesn't matter what browser, browser configuration or hardware I am currently using and I have several . It's even happening with my phone where I can't view most any photograph prior to my reporting the problem. So I take it that you can view most all OS photographs when selected? And I'll add, I don't have any issue viewing content on other sites.
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  7. I'm sure they will be viewable again in the future wildlife!! O.S. is on it!!
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  8. Could a site administrator please confirm whether or not that there's an actual problem with uploaded photographs prior to 1/08/18 being able to be viewed by regular members on the site?

    And, if confirmed, is there an estimated time frame of when members can expect the problem to be resolved?

    Appreciate your help, thank you!

    Attached are examples from just moments ago of what I see on my end whether I'm trying view photographs in the media forum or view a thread that have photographs attached. Any photograph uploaded after the 1/10/18 appear to be a non-issue currently.
    20180112_185307.jpg 20180112_185324.jpg 20180112_185513.jpg
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  9. Actually I tried to load a new pic last night for the contest and my new pic I had the same issue going on with it! You can see it in my album's page but if I try to look at the pic enlarged or use it for a thread it isn't working either. Gonna have alot of grand prize bucks entered soon I'd say so time is of the essence right now!
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  10. Yeah, just trying to imagine that scenario...

    I believe it would be a challenge to reach a satisfying appreciation of such an on-line contest with buck photographs that aren't viewable. Hopefully, that doesn't happen.
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  11. I just got the some of my unseen pics pics uploaded into the site, so at least the new pic loading seems to be working fine now!! That's good news!!
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  12. That's great that newly uploaded photographs can once again be viewed, but what's the overall solution for all those previous photographs on the site?

    I certainly hope that the site admins can come up with an entire system solution to recover all those previous photographs as well. I wouldn't think it would be feasible for everyone to go back and re-upload old photographs as a solution. Like I said, I hope there's a system resolution to fix the entire problem and hopefully soon.
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  13. Admin Help

    Admin Help Admin Super Mod Mod

    Thank you - working on this - there seems to be a bug somewhere along the line. Just need to find where the ball is dropping, from the app or upload.
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  14. Schu72

    Schu72 Staff Member Mod

    Thanks for looking into this. I had just PM'd Steve and Austin about 20 minutes ago regarding this issue.
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  15. Deehntr56

    Deehntr56 Staff Member Mod

    Thanks- many members here rely on posting their pics and their stories and getting this resolved will help them continue to add more content to our site for all to enjoy. This is a major function for many to be able to do.
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