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1,670 Miles to Dayton???:confused::16suspect1:

That's right- this pilot will fly 1,670 miles from the airport in Kent ,Ohio to Dayton, Ohio-He(They) will zig zag to an airport in all 88 Ohio counties and hope to do it in 26 hours. This will be neat to follow and all for a good cause.:coolgleamA:

We are still hoping to launch at 8:00 AM Sunday, May 13.

We will be departing from Kent State University Airport (1G3) in Stow, Ohio. If you are new to this site and are wondering what we are doing, check out the background information on our flight around Ohio. Here is a weather guess for our location.

We need someone from every airport to sign a piece of aircraft fabric to certify the landing for Recordsetter.com. We will attempt to set a world record for the Fastest Time to Land a Piper Cub In All of Ohio's 88 counties. We think it will take about 26 hours.
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People may forget that we have at least one airport in every county in the state because of Gov. Jim Rhodes. He believed that access to air travel was important to everyone.

I wish them luck as we all know how different the weather can be at different ends of the state.

May the winds be at their back all day.
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