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  1. Whitetail Deer Management
    Greetings Ohio Hunters and Wildlife Officials et al, i thought i might post an update here on CWD in Ohio Present, and Past history, and update science on the CWD TSE PrP, i think some may find interest in. check the source references with url links. GOOD LUCK!...kind regards, terry THURSDAY...
  2. Whitetail Deer Management
    THURSDAY, JANUARY 25, 2018 Ohio Chronic Wasting Disease CWD TSE Prioin aka mad deer update 2016-2017 SEASON SUMMARY http://chronic-wasting-disease.blogspot.com/2018/01/ohio-chronic-wasting-disease-cwd-tse.html kind regards, terry
  3. Whitetail Deer Management
    January 14, 2018 Ohio ODA confirms CWD TSE Prion in more captive deer http://chronic-wasting-disease.blogspot.com/2018/01/ohio-oda-confirms-cwd-tse-prion-in.html
  4. Whitetail Deer Management
    SUNDAY, DECEMBER 03, 2017 Ohio Chronic Wasting Disease Update Through November 2017 http://chronic-wasting-disease.blogspot.com/2017/12/ohio-chronic-wasting-disease-update.html kind regards, terry
  5. Whitetail Deer Management
    WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16, 2017 OHIO Chronic Wasting Disease CWD TSE Prion UPDATE? http://chronic-wasting-disease.blogspot.com/2017/08/ohio-chronic-wasting-disease-cwd-tse.html kind regards, terry
1-5 of 5 Results