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  1. Northwest Ohio fishing report
    I went on a scouting trip last month at the mouth of the Maumee River and western end of Lake Erie. I really like going on these scouting trips. You fish lots of dead water, but when you find fish in areas you haven't fished before, it's really rewarding. Maumee River and Lake Erie Fishing...
  2. Northwest Ohio fishing report
    Here is a view of the river on Easter day. This is a little different section of the river and some of the anglers that were down there walleye fishing. Maumee River Walleye Run Aerial Video 2
  3. Northwest Ohio fishing report
    Did I capture any of guys on video today down there at the Maumee River? https://rumble.com/veni5f-maumee-river-walleye-run.html?mref=66lt3&mc=9e0fe
  4. Northwest Ohio fishing report
    I took a little trip up to the dam in Grand Rapids. I wanted to see how much ice was still going over the dam. Water levels were up. You think any fish are going up and over or down that dam when it's like that? https://rumble.com/ve96bx-maumee-river-providence-dam.html?mref=66lt3&mc=9e0fe
  5. Northwest Ohio fishing report
    I took a drone view of the river on the hot walleye spots when the water level was really low. This video should help scope out some areas where those walleye will hold in couple months. Hope you enjoy the video...
1-5 of 5 Results