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  1. Outdoor News
    With the recent chemical disaster in East Palestine what are some of the concerns people here have with the impact to the environment and hunting?
  2. Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting
    Thought I'd save some gas by downloading the HuntFish App to buy my license and permit. However I'm just realizing that I'd still need to attach something to the deer to get it processed. Do I have to print out a confirmation number after filling out an online check or can I just show them the...
  3. Questions about Ohio Hunting/Fishing Laws
    So, I didn't have enough time this weekend to head out deer hunting but just enough to take my son squirrel hunting. We headed out to AW Marrion with the map in hand. As the map denotes the hunting area's are in green and red are no go zones for hunting. But, with all the trails and the 400ft...
  4. Ohio Bowhunting
    Hey fellow archers, Moving to Ohio from Michigan! (Temporarily) My wife took a 14 week travel nursing assignment in Columbus for this upcoming hunting season. I plan on doing some cyber + boot scouting when possible on Central/Eastern/Southern Ohio public tracts. Unfortunately I am busy myself...
  5. Ohio Bowhunting
    I’m new here and looking for some insight on Shawnee State Forest. I am from Maryland and have hunting mostly flat land with ag fields nearby. Taken nice deer here by putting in the time and work. But want to try something different! Going to be taking a trip out to Ohio this year, either last...
  6. Ohio Bowhunting
    I recently purchased some land in Athens County Ohio. On the property are 2 campers. One is a pull behind, roughly 25 plus ft. And the other you drive, same length roughly. Not sure traveling conditions. However have pics if interested. Please PM me if interested Thanks!
  7. Reloading, Target Shooting, and Firearms
    Anyone have any remington 870, 20 ga, screw in chokes around. Got an 870 for the grandaughter for deer hunting and not sure whats in the gun. Probly need an improved cylinder or cylinder, lmk what ya have and are you willing to ship. Thanks, Mike
  8. Ohio Turkey Hunting
    Who all got a turkey this fall, where, and how much turkey salad did you save for me?
  9. Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting
    With the rut kicking in, and the weather getting colder deer movement is really picking up. What times of the day, and what areas( fields or woods), are we seeing deer?
  10. Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting
    Hello all, I’m new to the forums here but not to hunting. My brother, father and I are looking to hike into Shawnee State Forest, do some primitive camping and hunt some whitetail deer during muzzleloader coming up. We all know this isn’t an easy place to hunt, which is the biggest appeal. I’ve...
  11. Ohio Small Game Hunting
    Im planning on going out for my first coyote hunt after I pick up my new hunting rifle setup next month, ive hunted small game like squirrel and rabbit since I was a kid but never had a full on hunt so I thought coyote would be fun to be my first. Predator hunting is the most appealing to me...
  12. Ohio Turkey Hunting
    I know that this is a little late for the turkey hunt but I came up with some team names for hunting competitions. Maybe you guys can use them in future events. BTH (Born to Hunt) The Bushcrawlers The Sure Shots Team OnTarget The Sure Sights Team Gotcha The Invisibles Woodland Raiders...
  13. Land Sale - Buy - Lease
    hello I am getting out of the Marine Corps in October of this year and I am looking for some new land to hunt/lease I am looking near the Clermont county area. There will be myself and my brother who both are very experienced hunters. I recently lost my hunting rights due to being away in the...
  14. Sell - Buy - Trade Hunting and Fishing Goods
    Born 3/26/16 - 1 yellow female & 1 black male available Sire: Hunter is a supreme waterfowl dog! He was jump shooting creeks and hunting the Ohio River out of a boat at 7 months old! He is quiet and still in the blind. He is also a natural at pheasant hunting. He hits the hardest cover with no...
  15. Sell - Buy - Trade Hunting and Fishing Goods
    foam burlapped fowl foolers goose bodies otter decoy super mag heads. come with eyebolts as well. never screwed on. brand new decoys never used. 12 drake mallards 12 black ducks. text 219869 1257 for pictures will drive to meet. 240/ dozen. THESE ARE FOAM BURLAPPED GUNNING DECOYS!!!!
1-15 of 15 Results