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  1. Ohio Waterfowl Hunting
    Last year during early season, we were faced with a common scenario. The wind was coming out of the West in the morning but was supposed to be shifting to coming out of the S during the course of the hunt. We are by no means goose hunting and decoy setup experts, but I knew I didn't want to go...
  2. Sell - Buy - Trade Hunting and Fishing Goods
    foam burlapped fowl foolers goose bodies otter decoy super mag heads. come with eyebolts as well. never screwed on. brand new decoys never used. 12 drake mallards 12 black ducks. text 219869 1257 for pictures will drive to meet. 240/ dozen. THESE ARE FOAM BURLAPPED GUNNING DECOYS!!!!
1-2 of 2 Results