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  1. Northwest Ohio fishing report
    Here is a fishing trip Jim and I had last spring on Sandusky Bay. Looking forward to getting back out there. We were bass fishing, but it seemed like you had a bite almost every other cast with the catfish and junk fish mixed in. Sandusky Bay Fishing Video Click Here
  2. Lake Erie fishing report
    It's hard to beat West Harbor of Lake Erie for quantity of bass. This trip you will get to see lots of aerial views of the harbor that you may have not fished before. Great place to kayak, or even big enough for bass club tournaments. It's gets tons of pressure, but somehow still produces all...
  3. Lake Erie fishing report
    Walleye and bass fishing Lake Erie Catawba Island area September 28th. The video below was a fun day on the lake. For some crazy reason the walleye was right up on the shoreline. Guys were catching them from shore this particular day. The baitfish must have been pushed in there good. Maybe...
  4. Lake Erie fishing report
    I was finally able to meet up with my good friend Jim from northeast Ohio on East Harbor. We ended up fishing this past September and had a great day on the water with lots of good fish. East Harbor Lake Erie Video Click Here
  5. Lake Erie fishing report
    Jim and I took a fishing trip to Lake Erie last Saturday. The fishing wasn't fantastic, but the day on the water was certainly fun. We fished lots of areas that would be good for a small boat or kayak. The interactions with people on the water remind me of what I like about fishing. There...
  6. Lake Erie fishing report
    It's not very often you get to topwater fish on Lake Erie. Seagulls are trying to eat your lure, or the waves are just too rough. Lake Erie Topwater Fishing Video
  7. Lake Erie fishing report
    Late fall trip on Sandusky Bay. This place is really fantastic place to fish. Everything looks like it should hold bass. People go to Sandusky for Cedar Point, but I think I'll be going there more often for the bass fishing. Here is a video of my last trip. Sandusky Bay Bass Fishing Video
  8. Lake Erie fishing report
    Little slow on this forum. I'll put up a post spawn fishing report from when Jim and I went out. It was a fun day, but we had to do some travels on the lake to make it a good day. The good fish were really spread out. Come along for the ride. Link to the video below. Hope you enjoy it. It...
  9. Lake Erie fishing report
    Hopefully this will be the last report before we see some open water. Finally got my boat ready to go. Now it's just a waiting game for open water. This trip on Lake Erie I had a strong east wind and decided to fish a close harbor. I was surprised at the big bass that were holding in there...
  10. Lake Erie fishing report
    Here is a new Lake Erie Fishing video from this past fall. There are some different areas than you have seen in the past videos. It was a short, but very productive trip. If you watch the video with your phone you should be good. If you watch with your computer, ipad, or T.V. You will want...
  11. Northwest Ohio fishing report
    Did a nice drone view of Metzgers Marsh Fishing and Hunting area along Lake Erie. Thought you guys might enjoy it. Click the link for the drone video view. Once the video starts playing if you click the lower right of the video you can make it full screen on your computer...
  12. Northeast Ohio fishing report
    I'm looking forward to getting back to Mosquito Creek this coming spring. My first time fishing it was last year with Jim and I'm planning a trip with my buddy Kevin this year. I hope we are able to locate the fish like we did last year. Video of that trip is in the link below. Just click...
1-13 of 13 Results