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    1. Mkc1953
      Mkc1953 Steve still learning how do I do a profile , and signature
    2. Sandysdad
      Steve..need ur help..looking for a really good coyote trapper for my property..I live in a couple young guys that I'm gonna give a chance to call them but a veteran trapper can get them..I have many fawns killed each year..if these guys don't work out how bout a veteran caller....thanks!!! Chris
    3. Wildman18
      How do I delete pic's to add new ones? I can't seem to figure it out.. Thanks
    4. RGJZ06
      How does a person become a premium member without a PayPal account?
    5. pwj
      His user name is rocky324. If that helps any thanks
    6. pwj
      Steve my name is Phil my friend rocky has been a member of ms and os for a while he can not get on either when he tries to change his pass word it say it was sent but it won't show up in his email. d9johny@yahoo.Com. thought Mayne you could help
    7. Mohican
      I keep getting an error when i try to post now with the new forum. Gives me a list of tapatalk errors and i am on my PC.
    8. Steve
      Keeping an eye on things.
    9. bluedog
      Thanks for commenting on my blog. :)
    10. Ranger171
      Hi Steve having a hard time trying to figure out where to ask a question under what forum on a place to stay in the 2014 bow season the question is .....I am new to the site and I am looking for some advice on lodging for the Ohio 2014 whitetail bow season. I will be coming out from Maine oct 4-12 and looking to rent a cabin camp or anything really preferably licking county or close by due to having some Army buddies in Licking county and one near by. I would stay there but he has a large family and my other buddy has a small apartment. I am coming with a close friend as well that they do not know. Any advice would be greatly appreciated....I don't know if a hotel would be the way to go or what? This is the last piece of the puzzle I need to finish the trip! I know in Maine we sporting camps with option of guides.....I looking for more of a public land hunt on our own and will be willing to stay at a sporting camp just without guides and private land. Thanks
    11. tshahan85
      hello steve i am a west virginia resident that had some questions about the primitive weapon season in october for state property i have been trying to find info online but i am not having very good luck i stumbled across you during my search all i know is that it is in october on state ground and that u can buy your tag over the counter for i think 150$ if you think that you can help it would be highly appreciated
    12. jlt81423
      Hello Steve! I am new to the site. Just registered tonight. I was trying to post in hunting and fishing goods, but it keeps telling me that I am not allowed to post new threads. I then went into the post all classifieds here link on forum but when I try to post there it will only let me post in cottages, land etc. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if I have to wait since I just registered tonight? I would appreciate any help. Thanks
    13. Plumber Dean
      Plumber Dean
      Hey Steve I'm new to the site but looks great,full of info I was wondering if you or anyone you know has any info on the deer in Fairfield County near New Salem? Thanks for any input.....Dean
    14. Minker
      steve , never heard anything from you about the post i sent on 7-29 about a new forum for posting shooting events .

    15. Gnagy
      Hey Steve, Is there a D-I-Y project thread? If so might be a good idea. If there is maybe i over looked it.

    16. Minker
      steve , is it possible to get a new forum set up for shooting events such as those that many county fish and game clubs hold weekly/monthly as fun raisers ? my county fish and game club holds archery shoots, x-card shoots, rifle and pistol shoots , steel plate shoots, etc. plus we hold 2 youth outdoor skills day were kids come and shoot for free plus we hold other youth events . we are holding a shooting event for disabled veterans this fall as well. i'm sure there are many other county clubs that do the same , it would give all of them alot more exposure and hopefully draw more people .

    17. johnnie boy
      johnnie boy
      hey Steve website awesome!! lots of helpfull info
    18. Pass Thru
      Pass Thru
      Steve, Is there a Pa site like's Ohio's & Michigan's--? If so what' the address ? I see W Va, Arkansas has them..
    19. ohiohornhunter
      hey steve i second the decal thing sounds like a good idea
    20. Pass Thru
      Pass Thru
      Any plans to ad Pa to the group?
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