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    1. gary douglas
      gary douglas
      Hi mike, I'm new to site. Wildman pointed me your way on getting my buck scored. I live in Greenville Randy Clark is in Florida till may. It's the buck in my avatar. Thanks
    2. REDARROW7
      What rut stage are you seeing in your area, they appear to be locked up here in Knox county with what little deer we have left
    3. Dissident
      Hey Mike what county is the river property located? Thanks! Rt
    4. outdoorsfellar
      Hi Mike, this is Kevin from TOO. I don't know if you're online now, but I had sent you a pm at TOO in regards to seeking permission to have my 15' camper in the group camp area's parking lot along with all the trucks at Strouds for our upcoming weekend. If different rates would apply since it's a camper, that's no problem. It would just be more conveinent with my supplies & I'm trying to plan ahead. Just lt me know one way or another. Thanks !
    5. agwg
      Mike, I am new to the site, is copperhead clothing still gonna supply clothes?
    6. whitetail_joe
    7. Winter Hawk
    8. Winter Hawk
      Winter Hawk
      Mike, I know you are probably busy........but would you please check out this link to a thread I started. My buddy sent me this picture of a deer that was killed this past week.......I would really appreciate it if you would take a guess at an approximate score. I have a feeling that you will actually have a chance to measure this one in person.........from what I have been told. advance

    9. all me
      all me
      hey mike how long would you give on a one lung shot,on a 3 1/2 year old buck,my girlfriend shot one this evening at 7;30 pm your help would be appreciated,i know you have been around awhile THANKS
    10. scoutdog
      I talked to you at the Expo and you were wanting information on the Merriam's Outfitter that I guide for. This is the link to their website. If you call them ask for Doug Russell. I talked to him Sunday and told him that you might be in touch. You should be able to work out an unguided hunt. This place is full of turkeys and you will have no problem killing 2-3 turkeys each on a 3-day hunt. You can hunt all day in Nebraska. He has prime hunting ground for both deer and turkey. He offers discounted hunts for youth hunters accompanied by an adult hunter. Shoot me an pm with your email and I can send you some additional information. By the way thanks for getting me set up with Dean at the expo. My buck was 152" Gross, 148 Net you should be getting the entry from Dean soon.
    11. ohio guy
      ohio guy
      Whats your e-mail? I found a couple sheds I want you to see
    12. ohio guy
      ohio guy
      hows it going? sorry I missed your call the other day
    13. swade
      Nice article in NA Whitetail!
    14. mrex
      Same to you!
    15. archer1983
      Good luck this turkey season Mike!!
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