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Nov 21, 2016
Dec 1, 2005
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Mar 10, 1956 (Age: 61)
livin on injun lake
Environmental Specialist


61, from livin on injun lake

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Still kickin...don't get on the boards much anymore. May 17, 2016

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Nov 21, 2016
    1. OLDHAT
      How you doing you old dog?
    2. deerhunt45
      Still kickin...don't get on the boards much anymore.
      1. ohiosam likes this.
    3. deerhunt45
      Been absent from the boards for a while. Wow, the site has really changed a lot!
    4. Vxman
      Hello, I'm new to this this site, and new to forums. Not sure of the correct way to ask this on the threads, so I thought I'd ask first.
      I'm looking for a fishing partner for nw Ohio (Erie) and also inland lakes/rivers in sw oh. Any suggestions on how to put that out?

    5. brakeshoe1
      HOW DO I POST? I have a very important issue. I believe it needs to go to the very top of the list and we need support. I am an active member of a group that is trying to get Woodbury Wildlife area's camp ground back open. We have a Facebook page called SAVE WOODBURY CAMP GROUND, Coshocton, Ohio If you type it in your Facebook search bar just like you see it here you will find it. WE NEED SUPPORT. Promotion. Can you help us. My name is Kevin Bernaciak. you can find me on Facebook , Email me at, on our page or call me 440-213-2483. Join us and help us fight this closing thanks I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.
    6. ohihunter2014
      just a heads up, my brothers on archery talk and they experienced some spam this morning and when both of us where on cabelas talk they got hit with so much spam they had to shut the site down. any questions let me know. the guy was posting about fake id, passports, etc.
    7. knightfan
      Can you delete one of my new threads. Its called... I need some opinions. Not sure how but it was posted 2 times.????
    8. littlechief
      Hi,deerhunt45 Im new at this im a bowhunter trying to find somewere to hunt in ohio. Can you help would like to lease with someone or join a u have any suggestions ,thank you
    9. Bawana
      Happy Birthday you old goat!!
    10. geezer II
    11. shed hunter 365
      shed hunter 365
      It appears someone has hacked my account name. Under Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting/Ohio Public Land Hunting someone posted a suggestion for hunting areas. This was not done by me. Just wanted to make you aware of this not certain if this is happening to anyone else.
    12. Beentown
      Hey Charlie,

      My thread about the ODNR survey has disappeared... why?
    13. Big H
      Big H

      Just a short note to see how you are doing and to let you know that my wife is back in the hospital. If you go to the website and type in donnaholzman, you can see what is going on. I don't have your E-mail and I already sent the link to Ben, Matt and Jesse. My email is

    14. coonskinner
      ok...ohio hunting from the view of out of stater...thats the thread...thanks...
    15. coonskinner
      hey 45,hope alls going well...with everything...just wanted to let you know theres a post needing removed on ,its about 3 topics down on main philly...
    16. Hal R
      Hal R
      A pop-up told me I can't read or post to any threads unless I register. As a member I am registered, right? What am I missing? Thanks!
    17. deerhunt45
      Simply click on the tab named New Thread under the forum you wish to post in
    18. bobbyp21
      I'm new at this and I'm not sure how how to post a new thread.
    19. all me
      all me
      HEY 45 can you put team 9 as RIB CRACKERS thanks
    20. Kimbolton Killer
      Kimbolton Killer
      Hello. Is there anyway I can change my screen name?

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    Mar 10, 1956 (Age: 61)
    livin on injun lake
    Environmental Specialist
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    hunter and fisherman
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    bow, rifle, shotgun
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    Not enough
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    whitetail and walleye
    family, hunting, fishing, music, golf


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