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Nov 16, 2005
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Jan 1, 2015
    1. pnyhunter
      Hi George,

      Hunted with you couple times and sold you a ladder stand couple years ago. Hope all is well... curious to see how you guys did in camp this? I always keep tabs on your camp and like to see how you did. Great pics last year.

    2. Rod in SC
      Rod in SC
      What happened to you?
    3. ohihunter2014
      im looking to bow hunt around rut fri-sun. how many people usually show up to camp? would you be willing for a few new guys? we have hunted since we were small but somewhat new to bowhunting. the last 2 yrs at newport wayne has been kind of bad we get there friday before gun season and monday we wake up to 3-4 wv trucks which is fine until the one guy says its his spot go hunt somewhere else, that kind of turned me away from that area. thanks for the info.
    4. ohihunter2014
      im looking to bow hunt the marietta unit of wayne off rt 6 i belive it is in newport. would you happen to know anything about this part of wayne. i gun hunted it last yr and killed a 6pt but we tend not to venture around for fear of getting lost or going on private unknowingly. also im intersted in your deer camps, would you be willing to share any info on that.

      thanks for your time.
    5. ohihunter2014
      hey buddy I was looking around for some info about Wayne national forest and was told your the man to talk too. can you help me out with a few questions? thanks sir.
    6. PATRICK05TJ
      Hey coonskinner. Just wondering what the plans are for camp this year. My hunting property is being sold so I'm definitely wanting to hit camp this year. Hope you are well sir. Been a long time since we last spoke.
    7. Huntmaster
      Hello Coonskinner, I am from Virginia and I am planning a hunting trip this fall to bowhunt Tar Hollow and would like some direction on where to start scouting. I was up there this passed week end and did a lot of walking , there seems to be a lot of open timber in this area , I would like to fine a little thicker area or is this normal for the bucks just to walk through the open timber in Ohio? Thanks
    8. RRmike
      Hey, coonie. It's been a while, so I thought I'd drop you a PM. Hope all's well. You might be interested to know that my son picked up a Sage recurve down a Cabela's yesterday. He's interested in shooting and decided he wanted to go the route of a recurve. He kind of likes the idea of being more traditional. It's got a 45 lb. draw. He's thinking some day he may hunt but, for now, he just wants to get familiar with it and learn to shoot. It's his first "real" bow. I've never shot archery so I wasn't much help. So it's gonna be DIY for him for a while.
      Any plans on coming up this way for steelhead this spring?
    9. bobo
      My user name is Bobo, just wanted to say I like your handle... had a real close friend that died of cancer that went by coonskinner on the cb radio for 50+ years... good to see its still in use.
    10. LIBERTY 1
      LIBERTY 1
      Coonie I was in the pawn shop in MARYSVILLE today and in one of your blogs. You said you were looking for a rifle for coyote and large game. They had a TC encore in stainless with composite stock and forearm.There was a 50cal muzzleloader barrel a 223 and a7m08 barrel a scope was on the ml but I didn't look to see what it was they were asking 650.00 dollars for all. That would cover about any hunting you wanted. Just thought I would share information.If you need anymore info. let me know.
    11. southernend
      Hey cooney never really noticed any apples out where I go in WNF but I do remember a bench that was tore up with scrapes a couplke seasons ago.Last year I shot a buck the first morning and never needed to walk around.I hunt a real nice bench/drainage ditch funnel and usually see deer.My concern is your statement bout lack of acorns.Did you guys see more deer last week than the other year with the lack of acorns?It seemed like there wasn't a deer for miles that year and vowed I wouldn't hunt out in WNF next time the acorns fail but man I keep thinking bout those big Ohio bucks!Thanks for taking the time to answer my posts and maybe I'll see you guys out there some time.It seems I'm always showing up when you guys are leaving.Again thanks for any insight you have for coming out there next week before youth starts.
    12. southernend
      Hey coonie hope you had a great time at the camp. Was planning on coming out there nov. 17th but was a little concerned about the deer movement . I hunted out there several years ago when the acorn crop was non existent. I saw like 5 deer all week.i noticed you mentioned in a post about lack of acorns this year. Just wondering how you think the action concerning the rut will be out there next week. Just don't wanna spend the money and time coming out there for the week if the deer sightings are like they were last time the acorn crop failed. Thanks.
    13. Sportsman296
      Cooney's Profile :yeahthat:
    14. cajun hunter
      cajun hunter
      Hey Cooney... Huey here.. AKA "Cajun Hunter" Hope you all had a good year this year... I saw some really nice pics of some nice bucks... I am planning on coming down this year 2013, the dates.... should I make it will be from Nov. 13-20. thats the days I have off... Wed-Wed and its a good days drive for me... about 16 hours. not sure if thats getting into gun season or not... anyway... I have a buddy who will probably come too... gotta start planning now... ill keep in touch.... take care.. tell Wendy I said Hello..
    15. rockfordboys
      hey coonskinner, was just looking at camps and came across your profile. A few of my friends are looking to come down to gun hunt on WN. Do you all set up camp during gun season? We are from Mercer county so us boys will get lost in those big woods without some local direction. Tired of hunting all farm land in Mercer county with not enough woods to hunt. Any help would be GREAT. Thanks
    16. Turkeyfoot
      Just saw your message! Doing good, got a 16" 8pt. thurs morn not far from the house. you make it to Bellas yet/
    17. dirtknap
      Hi coonskinner had a quick question for ya. Do you guys primarily hunt the section by Athens or do you hunt the Ironton section of the WNF. Looking to come down this next November and looking for a little guidance.
    18. upwhitetail@charterm

      I see that things are looking good for the Camp. Tim and I will arrive at camp on Saturday afternoon on the 3rd. I dont't think I gave you my cell ph no. It is 989-780-2930. How are the number of deer sighting this past week. We most likly will be hunting around the pond where you lost and found your GPS. Just off New Floodwood Rd. Hope no one else plans to hunt there at this time. If so we can go elsewhere. Hope you get over that cold.

      Bernie from Michigan
    19. coonskinner
      just click on my handle coonskinner anywhere you see it...will take you to my on the small deer camp(wn)pic.that sez social groups...that should do it...
    20. hawglarry
      Hey Coonskinner! could you please copy and paste a link to your deer camp(wn) page to me? I just heard about it the day before yesterday and when I go to the social groups page and click on show all groups or do a search the page comes up blank. I am very interested in coming down and need more info! :rant:
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    huntin deer in natural surroundings with a recurve,no bait,cams or growing antlers with suppliments.
    bowhunting the WNF since 1964

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    HAPPY NEW YEAR...:biggrin:
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