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Team 6 - The Five Bearded Tom!!!!

Discussion in '2017 Team Turkey contest' started by Bryan six, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. I'm here!! Hunting Athens, Vinton, Meigs, and maybe Morgan!! And possibly others!!!
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  2. Anybody out there???

  3. I'm in the same boat Bryan. Might have to start sending them a pm.
  4. Lol they have time, if not we have two alternates so far!!
  5. I'm here hunting Fulton Lucas and Jefferson counties
  6. Do we have a team name
  7. I'm here, hunting mostly in NW Ohio but hopefully a trip to Athens county as well.
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  8. No name, what you guys think?? We could us Boss toms, but I'm sure it's been used before, I can't think of anything at this point but let's hear it, the more original the better!!!
  9. You gotta pretty nice bird last year too Guida congrats!!!
  10. Nice how long have you been turkey hunting??
  11. Just checked, kwooten is the only one were waiting for!!!
  12. Just figured I would let y'all know....

    I've been watching a gobbler that has five beards and their all at least 22 inches long.....
  13. Oops I said 22 inches long typo.. I meant 26 inches long.
  14. That's almost as big as the six bearded one I've been seeing with with thirty inch beards!! Almost!!!
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