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show me your mounts-please.

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by ohihunter2014, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. With the old barn wood on the wall, what allows the skull to stick out?
  2. Right semi sneak.....I think

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  3. I want something like that but looking left. tried looking at McKenzie but cant tell what's what that well.
  4. I took an old broken shovel handle and cut it at an angle. Worked it down on a bench grinder until it fit tightly into where the spine would of attached to skull. The skull just sits on it, the piece of wood is long enough that it won't fall off. I just attached the broken shovel piece to the barn wood with a screw.
  5. A lot of real nice buck harvests I see here on this thread! It's pretty darn cool that they continue to be admired even long after they are killed. Congratulations to all of you with your impressive mounts! Best of luck to each of you going forward in all your hunting adventures!
  6. Thought you might want to see something different . HAHAHA[​IMG]
  7. Im at work eating lunch and just opened that and glanced over and said what the hell!
  8. Schu72

    Schu72 Staff Member Mod

    No disrespect to anyone, but I've never been fan of "alert" ears. I've always preferred the ears slightly back. I've seen way to many great deer that look like Dumbo when the taxi is done.
  9. Schue-Semi sneak? i wonder if they make one like that with a little more left turn. I like the ears a little back too.

    man im driving myself crazy wanting this thing to look perfect and i have to wait until October to get it back. :(
  10. Man i need to start raising my standards and start shooting bigger deer like you guys. :)
  11. Schu72

    Schu72 Staff Member Mod

    Post #70 is a full sneak
  12. nice mounts Schu 72 , I do like the ears on yours ..

    Ohio , I thought you might get a laugh .
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  13. I like how it defines the shoulders and neck but the area its going in is kind of small so it would stick out too far for full sneak.
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