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Muzzy reports?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Dissident, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Considering it was sited in on 12-27-16 then used for two days. One would assume it would of still been sited in For the past 4 days. It happens, actually it happened 8 or so years ago. It was shooting a pie plate and a half high but it was a problem with the scope. A Bushnell.. Of coarse that was after I missed 3 deer.

    A good bump will do it but I would also think that it would also be a little right or left. This time is similar to my last experience. Just high. I'll dial it in and see if it will dial in.
  2. Buy a better scope . If it's not a elite Bushnell then the fact that it is a Bushnell is the problem .

  3. Yes buy a Nikon! Great advice Catchdog recommending a Nikon. :)
  4. I would recommend a Leupold . LOL But I hear Vortex scopes are very good
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  5. With some of these shots talked about , Like top of the heart and both lungs . It is just shocking there is know blood trail or very little . But I shot a buck last year with a slick trick 4 blade broadhead 1 1/2 inch cut . It was a top of the heart both lung shot . I was on the ground And when I watched the bolt hit the deer my thought was he is dead and there will be a red carpet to him . Well there was blood for 5 yards then nothing . and I found him 20 - 25 yards behind the blind . when I opened him up his chest was full . Why it was not sprayed all over I will never know . I have shot deer just the same ith a copper solid that just put a 1/2 inch hole in it . And in the snow I just tracked a 4 foot wide red path for 40 yards with my eyes before I took another step .

    Ok Wildman I know the problem was the broadhead said slick trick . LOL
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  6. That's right! Damn slick tricks!
  7. I've always used and had great performance w bushnell products.
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  8. Not me.. every product I ever bought was terrible. That would consist of two range finders and two scopes. Your lucky.
  9. never had luck either. i was just razzing catchdog as he is always pushing me to buy a Leopold.
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  10. Schu72

    Schu72 Staff Member Mod

    I would trade my Nikon Omega for a Bushnell Elite any day.
  11. The Bushnell elite series are good scopes . the others are junk .

    Wildman , Then why did you keep buying them ?
  12. One range finder was given to me the other I found on a golf coarse. (Either the guy hit a ball in the woods or it was dropped while taking a leak)
    And the scope was the only one I have bought..

    Never again
  13. yes plus I got the regular XTP'S bought in boxes of 100 then bought the sabots I use the 45 cal 240 grn look in the reloading section get them in boxes off 10 0 cheaper that way ant get the black sabots from Hornady too my brother n law uses the 180 in the 44 cal over 80 grns off 777
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  14. Well well well. Mr bluedog was having some fun while I was working today. :p

    He put 2 blocks of 16" long 10% ballistics gel together and shot some muzzleloader bullets through them. Report later. :D
  15. I've only killed two deer with my Savage muzzle loader, both with Hornady 300 gr. hp XTP .458 dia. The doe was about 35 yds hit her right behind the shoulder, broke ribs going in and out. She went 25 yds spraying blood on the snow with each bound. The buck was shot from above and broke spine and took out heart.
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