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Muzzy reports?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Dissident, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Those of you that have gotten good hits with your smoke pole I am curious if you guys are getting blood trails? The doe that Cole shot yesterday didn't leave any blood and where she fell in the snow there was a 4" puddle of blood coming out of the entrance. It was a slightly quartering towards shot hit 2-3" behind the front leg half way up the body. The bullet shredded one lung hit the liver and ended up in the gut some where. He was shooting the hornady SST in the 250 grain weight bullet with 100 grain load of powder. I am guessing it covered at least 20" of tissue with no contact with heavy bone. I know two holes would have produced a blood trail I was surprised to not find one on maybe a 110 pound doe. What are you guys seeing?
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  2. Another fun evening. Only had one deer in range. A doe fawn that came out 150 yards away around 4:45pm and walked right past me at 25 yards. Once she got past me, she curved around and walked 15 yards behind me. I was sitting on the ground by a tree so 15 yards downwind of me was a no go for her little nose. She flagged and ran off. Ended up seeing 21 deer total. Most were 300 yards away. Once again, not one single antler.

  3. Well with all that I am reading about no blood trails and bullets blowing up on shoulders a couple things come to mind . First is half way up the body is a good kill shot but sometimes it takes time for the blood to fill up in the chest to start leaking good . And sometimes it sprays out with every move . But when the shot is lower it bleeds better faster . I know it's hunting and non of us are perfect but try to aim 1/3 of the way up the body not half way up . I know things change some if your in a stand and how high you are .
    Second thing is , it sounds like we need to be using better made bullet like maybe a Barnes TMZ solid copper bullet . Those bullets stay together break bone and penetrate . I know its not a M/L but I have shoot quite a few deer with a Rem copper solid bullets never recovered a bullet and punched through a few shoulders .
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  4. I have shot 4 deer with my ML. One I saw go down in a thick grown up meadow. I recovered her at dark so I didn't look for a blood trail. The other three none of them had blood trails. One was a broadside shot through the top of the heart. Another was a broadside shot that was double lung above the heart. The third was a hard quartering to shot that entered the chest in front and exited around the last rib. On its way it went through the top of the heart. Fortunately none of them went far. I saw all of them go down except for one that was shot in dead calm wind and the smoke didn't clear until after he went down. I would have seen him go down otherwise. But no blood trail on any of them.
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  5. Likewise I've never had great blood trails with the muzzleloaders, used to use Buffalo Bullets, solid lead hollow points about 395 grains with 100 grains of ff black powder, if I remember correctly. Then progressed to 295 gr powerbelt hp, with 100 gr of 777 powder. Both combos killed a lot of deer, most dropped within sight, but most had poor blood trails.
  6. Went in blind to this piece of public and had a great morning. Bob cat at 40 yards. 4 pt worked into 30 yards then I failed a stock on 2 does that where 250 out and I got to about 175. [​IMG]
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  7. I shot a big doe tonight, she dropped in her tracks. Dead broadside at 50 yards, I was shooting a 250 grain shockwave with 150 grain of powder. Just clipped the back of the paddle bone on entry, exited about the same. Golfball size exit hole, I will skin her out tomorrow but I have never had them fragment.
    I will admit a few years back I shot one through both lungs with that same load, luckily it was in the snow but very little blood for the first 50 yards. Bottom line is if you want accuracy shoot a ballistic tip, if you want more devastation shoot a good hollow point. For me I cannot find a hollow point that groups well at 100 yards, but the shockwaves shoot 1" groups or less at 100 yards for my gun.
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  8. Run far away from that bullet! Shot a 1.5-2yo couple years ago with ssst and it was like a grenade. Fragments everywhere. No blood yesterday for me in almost 100yards no exit either at 50-60yards broadside. Tc shockwaves 120gr 777. Shockwaves are sst rebranded.
  9. What county bob cat?
  10. Shot a small 8 at 120 yards yesterday evening ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1483931126.078754.jpg
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  11. Are the bucks herded up together elsewhere, nocturnal, or do you think the ratio is just that wacky? Even with cold temps over the weekend alot of bucks we know are around from trail cams weren't moving in daylight that we saw. The doe groups were out moving significantly more. We only saw one bachelor group.
  12. Yea, I agree and have had the same results on almost all my muzzleloader kills. If they didn't drop in there tracks then they were hard to find. All most every one.
  13. Ever try the XTP Mag deer ive killed leave a fist size exit hole and they shoot good out of my Encore
  14. What powder charges are you guys going with? Cole used a 100 grains of powder because 150 kicks worse than the 45-70. I shot a nice 8 point two years ago during ML and he left a good blood trail. I cant remember if the bullet exited. That buck was obviously much bigger than the doe

    Slim Are you referring to Hornady XTP? I used to shoot those but I never see them anymore.
  15. I'm using 100 grains. 150 is not recommended for my gun.
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