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Muzzy reports?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Dissident, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Ohio . So this one is number 3 to make it into your freezer .
  2. Yes. I never really hardcore deer hunted until 3-4yrs ago. small game was always a lot more fun and i was able to do it with friends i grew up with so deer was bow hunt 2-3 times and gun hunt and then back to rabbit and pheasant. i know 3 isn't much but good enough for me. was thinking about taking a doe this year too off another property but butcher cost, $90 for a dehydrator last night and now a mount i have to watch my money.
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  3. A buddy of mine shot his first buck at 3:15 yesterday! It walked up at about 80 yards, didn't give him a shot for quite awhile. He has pictures of better bucks but this one has an unforgettable rack. I am very happy for him. 18758.jpeg 18759.jpeg
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  4. Is that broken/falling off and hanging or is that actually grown like that? :yikes: that pretty sweat if that's grown like that.
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  5. It is half broke and then grew down like that. Crazy!!!!
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  6. Back when my eyes were better I did a lot of small game hunting .

    It sucks that you lost those other two deer like that but it does happen . My buddy found one I had shot and we couldn't find for a few weeks . A huge rain washed it up the creek . I bet I had walked by it more than once and didn't see it in the creek . That taught me to get some high boots or waiters and walk in the creek . I knew I had hit the deer but could not find any blood . But It was a 150 yard shot and I heard the slug hit plain as day . And watched it run to the creek and heard it cross the creek .
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  7. No luck for me this morning.

    Just a couple of real want-a-be idiot hunters! Yup - one that drove his SUV through the CRP fields, stopped in the middle of them, let out the passenger idiot, he walked the field, while the driver idiot climbed on top of his SUV, laid down on the roof shooting at the deer that idiot number one was pushing. Yeah, that happened! Real winners I'll say!

    Other than that, I did take a swipe at a coyote around 10:00 a.m. cruising through the field. After smoke cleared, I had no idea whether or not I hit it. I think I missed it at a 110 yards, but I'm not sure. I walked over to where I thought it was and couldn't find it. I thought I put a good shot on it. Anyhow, IDK if I'll be heading back out because them dumbass idiots that drove the fields this morning. We'll see after I cool off about it. Btw - it isn't legal to shoot and hunt while being in or on an automobile in Ohio is it? I know it's legal in some states, but I didn't think it was in Ohio. I suppose it doesn't matter at this point. I have a feeling my hunting areas are ruined for the day at the very least.
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  8. yep its illegal. are you on public land or something? couple pics with the cell phone and a plate number to the old GW would solve that idiot.
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  9. No photos of them. It's private land. They were a good distance from me. I wasn't even about to get out of my blind cause I was afraid of getting shot! Hell, I had no idea what kind of gun they were using. Properly not a muzzleloader I bet. Thanks for letting me know. If I see it again, I'll try to make an attempt to get a photo or just go ahead and call the GW. I'm sure they'll be doing it all day. They have already left my area. Properly on to the next farm I'm sure!
  10. That sucks wildlife. Yeah, there's all kinds out there.
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  11. In addition to outstanding patience, my dad has a great morning spot. He connected yesterday.

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  12. I'm the newbie to the area so I guess now I know that it does happen. I never seen such a thing before other than on a TV hunting show or something. Going forward, I'll try to do what I can to get it stopped! I see trailcams going up the near future at all the drive lanes to capture who's coming and going for now on. Those jerks came through the neighbors property, then over to where I was. I already spoke to him about it and he's not pleased to say the least. The problem is, he let's everybody and their brother onto his place, so he as no idea whom it might have been. :mad:

    I suppose I'll go cut wood for the rest of the day to get my aggression out! I'll give it a try again tomorrow morning. I'm done hunting for the day. :(
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  13. Nice deer your dad got GM . Willdlife , that really sucks , good luck in the morning .
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  14. That's a beaut! Congrats to dad!
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