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listen to this crap

Discussion in 'Out of State Hunts' started by catchdog, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Sounds like a more than fair dude. I'd go along with him. It will go a long way.

  2. Your right Maxwell . As I said I got my panties in a bunch over nothing .

  3. sounds like it all worked out. I can see it from both sides really. When hunting you get muddy and dirty.....that's just how it goes. I would never put so much money into a blind that mud would be a problem or I would use materials that mud wouldn't effect....carpet not being one of them. On the other hand I believe we can all agree that everyone does things a little differently and if these guys put the money into it and it's their wish to use carpet then it would be respectful to do whatever they asked to keep things as clean as possible. I know it drives me insane to have people stay in my camper and they crap all over it by wearing muddy boots inside or leaving trash all over it. Those people usually don't get invited back. I bought the camper and it's mine. If they want a muddy trashed up camper then they can buy their own.
  4. Orion , I agree . At first I thought it was for every day not just if it rains and we have muddy boots . I just couldn't see changing boots over some Texas dust on our boots . A service guy came over today and he gave me a bag full of those booties .

    The ranch owner also said he has 8 little 40 - 50 pound pigs that the mother got shot and they come out as soon as he corns the roads . He wants us to try and trap them so we can them all . He said if we shoot at them we will get 1 or 2 then they will stay away for awhile . So he wants us to set the trap but make sure we wire the trap shut when we are not there to watch the trap . he doesn't want to trap a fawn , so don't leave it set over night . We have kept things nice and done things his way all these years and that is why he trust us with his stuff and just gives us keys and say's have fun . We respect him and his place and he respects us for it . Like I said I just got my panties in a bunch over a misunderstanding of his wishes .

    I made it to a Doc Monday and got some meds . I am feeling much better now and should be A ok by sat when we leave . I will post some pics when I get back . Thanks for the replies . Happy hunting !!
  5. Good luck on your hunt. Hope you enjoy yourself to the max. Be sure to post pics of your kill! And ........yup you in your booties! Lol now you have to.
  6. I always thought you wore panties!!!!!! Now we know it's true!!! Lol
  7. I like the way the silk feels . LOL

    I sure hope it doesn't rain , A pic with those booties may kill my big ego . They are calling for rain there Monday so CZ may get his yuppie wish and never let me live it down . But he won't get to sh-t under my stand .LOL I mean the high class blind .
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  8. You have to understand that those Texas boys are just different... What's the saying? Steers and queers? Lol or silk panties an booties? Ouch I just couldn't help myself!!

    Really though, it sounds to me like you got a good gig going on down there. Top knotch blinds 5 days for the price of two and free access to some fun toys... No reason to complain in my book.. now that the bootie idea came around..
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  9. I dunno seems like for them extra three days and the toys. He's gottta wear panites and shake his bootie. The good ol bait and switch!
  10. You need to buy a hooker and leave her outside. It prevents mud from getting in your camper!
  11. LOL , Thanks for the laughs guys that's funny stuff . Yea we do have a good gig going he gives us the extra days and we cook and clean for ourselves , it works out great on both sides .
    Now I hope all that going to go wrong has . I just came in from feeding and couldn't find my calf . Walk around looked and thought - that little sh-t has to be here . S0 I go back in the barn and see it had crawled under the feeder . I think crap it's dead , crab a leg and start to pull it out and it starts kicking a little . Great so I pull it out and get it up and it starts feeding . I never had one do that here . So I get some 2x4's and fix that so it doesn't happen again . Last week a CO alarm goes off in the house I rent to my daughter with 3 kids and she is blind . The fire guys shot of the gas and we go get her and the kids so they can stay with us . I have fix the pipe off the hot water heater it was getting a down draft . 2 1/2 years know problem guess the wind was just blowing the right way or something . But better for this stuff to happen now than when I'm out of town and my wife would have to try and deal with it .
    Me and my buddies look forward to this trip every year . And I really need the break this year with one of my daughters and her 9 month old staying with us . And we been watching my youngest daughters 1 year old 3 days a week while she goes to school and work . Hell I'm 52 years old and my kids had been out of the house for a few years . I love my grandkids but it's getting a bit on my nerves with everybody getting sick around here and crying kids . And at the age that they are into EVERYTHING . I'm sure this is all part of why I got my silk panties in a bunch so quick . OH and CZ I'll get you a pick of my booties but Wildman is not getting a pic of my panties . LOL
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  12. I can understand your frustrations. Seems when I go out of town something always breaks or goes wrong at home.wife is cery(independent) until I leave. That's got to be tough having the kids all the time to. I can't imagine sorta can my son is four years old we've never had a baby sitter overnight. Family lives to far away and don't trust no one else around. Now that he's a little older and can talk and knows what's going on some what we will probably get a baby sitter in summer once a week so we can go be free for a night lol hard to trust anyone with your babies now days. To many weirdos!
  13. It's not so bad when they are not sick . But seems like the starts to get over it and the other picks it up again . So in the past month someone has been sick and the youngest baby and the wife have been twice . And you know how sick kids are they just wine and wine and wine and cry and cry . I am glad l that I have the ability to help Just been a bit overwhelming .

    I have to thank you guys for understanding . and for the great ball busting cuts . It really cheered me up having a laugh right after the calf crap . It's nice to be able to pick at each other and laugh about it . To many people get uptight and can dish it out but can't seem to take it . It's a funny stuff even when your the butt of the joke .

    Got The rifle sighted in , 95% packed , Knives sharp , some nice crisp bills in my wallet and ready for my 6 am Sat pick up. I do have to go to the store and pick up some smoked pork chopes to take .
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  14. lol I swear my kid gets sick passes it to me then I get over then wife gets it passes it to kid then it morphs I get it and it damn near kills me every freaking time! Kids school kids just a revolving door of germs and sickness. I take my kid to day care in winter and see kids with green snot coming out of their nose (which they shouldn't be their) and I'm like f...k I'm bout to get hit with that sh.t
  15. My little grand daughter we watch , her mom is a STNA so she works in a hospital . It's a marry go round of germ carriers . Seems like I don't get it tell everyone else has had it twice then I get it bad . Last year the day we left for Texas . This year xmas day , but I'm feeling pretty good now thank GOD . And then I have 11 more germ carrying grandkids that all want to stay the night with us on weekends . We try to keep it to 1 at a time but that don't always work . We tell mom and don't send them over if they are sick . What we get is oh they are not sick . After they get here it's like really come get your kid . But the germs are here now . My daughter that is staying with us is going to go stay with her mom when I am gone . My wife said - When you Toni and the baby are gone I'm going to clean this house top to bottom and kill these germs . She has been spraying Lysol and cleaning but says this is a germ factory of sick people .

    I'll be in a warmer area of dust and 70 one day and 20 or 30 when I wake up . But I will have gun in hand and do what we love to do with good friends and fat black targets .
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