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How did you all do during gun season

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Mal, Dec 14, 2002.

  1. OK guys here is your chance to brag. Lets here all thoses stories. I have been hunting for 11 years, and can honestly say I have never seen the deer like I did this year. The party I was hunting with took a 10 pointer, and 3 8 pointers opening day. The 8 pointers were huge. I think the smallest had a 16 1/2 inch spread and the largest was 20 inches.
  2. I had a animal rightist tree jump out to take a slug from my shotgun during the gun season. Otherwise I saw many deer but fudged up my best chances. But that is why they call it hunting.:D

  3. Took a Good sized doe. Saw quite a few others, and a decent 14pt this season.
  4. I wasn't able to go out. All the ground I had to hunt , the landowners wanted me not to hunt them so there families could hunt them. :(
  5. Same thing happened to me before Desperado. Had unconditional permission to squirrel, rabbit, and pheasant hunt some property. The old lady died, and her son won't let my back there anymore. As a matter of fact, he won't let ANYONE back there except himself. There's nearly 200 acres of prime hunting ground.
  6. Iwas just about to nail the thirty pointerwhenthe cat whizzed into the light socket, knocked out the power, and shut down my puter! :D

  7. Yea right, pawclaws. Admit it. You saw those antlers and got buck fever and kicked the cord, knocking the power out.

    Don't blame the cat. :rolleyes: :D
  8. My deer

    I got a nice 6pt .. Small rack but absolutely huge deer and same with the button buck. I would not have shot that knowing it was a button and I didnt even know until I went to field dress it. The genetics where I hunt are just unreal.. All the deer are a lot bigger than everywhere else I hunt. There are 2 huge bucks including a 10pt and a 14. If I get pics of either of these when Im out I will post them They are unreal for their rack size.
  9. I got to concur. That four point I saw the other day with his fork rack looked like a Swiss cow! I know he'll dress at over 200 pounds No kidding, he can't be over what 2 years and is already a monster. These are the biggest deer I have ever seen anywhere. Totally unbelievable. Anyone have any numbers on weights or rack dimensions checked in yet? I wish they would weigh them all at check in!
  10. My son shot his first deer this year a doe , in Jackson county on the first morning of gun season.

    <img src="stevendeer-1.jpg" width="600" height="450" alt="">
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  11. Hello everyone ! I found out about this sight on I hope it catches on.

    I have had a good season so far. I took an eleven point with the bow and a doe with the slug gun. I had to save a tag for the smoke pole! I will post some pictures when I get them scanned.

    Good luck, JC
  12. I got a nice doe wednesday. Saw miny more but out of range.:)
  13. Hey nut,
    What was that about the animal rightest????
  14. I had my best year ever.

    I took a decent 8 point with an 18 inch spread, and 5 does in Ohio, all with the bow.

    I took a basket rack 8 point in Pennsylvania with my rifle.

    Muchos venison. I gave three of the deer to 3 families in a nearby community that really need the meat. Gave my Dad one, and my brother one, kept the other 2.
  15. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Not yet

    Only hunted Sat. and saw 2 doe but they presented no shot about 80 yards and into some cover. That's alright though I'm REALLY geeked for muzzle loader down there. Still lots of deer around and some very nice bucks to boot!
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