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2017 Gobbling reports and turkey talk!!

Discussion in '2017 Team Turkey contest' started by Bryan six, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. We have Had some gobbling in SE Ohio, just wondering if anyone else is hearing any action!! The cold weather coming in may put a damper on them but it's getting really close!! I'm starting to feel that kid at Christmas anxiety approaching the 2017 season, anyone else getting itchy??
  2. I seen a bunch of them in the corn field about a week ago. running like hell for some reason and hit the ditch line and never came out the other side. I have some that usually visit the house here and there and nothing yet.

    Probably sitting this year out though so ill have to keep an eye on this.

  3. Why would sit it out???
  4. IMG_0576.JPG
    I know why....
  5. No time or money. no turkeys around me that are huntable so I head about an hour south-money. I can only hunt every other weekend too-time. I've spent every spring chasing them and missed out on good fishing. Fishing this year a lot more.
  6. After what feels like a late breaking of the flocks, it is definitely full bore with gobbling now. I have a couple groups of birds I hear every morning starting at around 625.
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  7. Haven't seen you in awhile. Bet that same yote you kept posting is pretty nasty right now is why we haven't seen any yote pics! Lol
  8. gobbleing on the roost in the wind, rain, and cold this morning. west central ohio. flocks are splitting up into smaller groups
  9. Rt 328 in Vinton Co. Left side of the road is Turkey Ridge Wildlife Area, public hunting. IMG_1195.JPG
  10. A couple miles north on RT328
    IMG_1189.JPG IMG_1190.JPG
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  11. Hunting off Long Ridge Rd near Lake Hope IMG_1188.JPG
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  12. Vinton Furnace Experimental Forest
    IMG_1163.JPG IMG_1162.JPG
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  13. Gobbling and gobbling and gobbling some more every morning this week. Winter flock breaks into groups of 15-20 during the day and then return to roost all together in the evening. I had 56 turkeys in the field behind the house a couple days ago. I don't expect the winter flock to really start dispersing for another week or even two. But gobbling is full bore which is very normal for this time of year.
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  14. Oh my lord you guys are killing me! The 24th cant get here quick enough! taking that whole first week off.
  15. it's gonna be a fun week!! Can't wait either!! Rainy nasty morning this morning and still heard some gobbling on the county line property I hunt!!! Making me really excited!!!
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